The Garden

Our garden comprises six hectares of vegetables and fruit, including some 1500 square metres of protected cropping.


The garden has evolved since 2010 to its current form, gradually growing in scale to meet the needs of our committed customers. We now grow over 90 varieties of vegetables and several soft fruits over the course of the seasons, offering only the freshest possible biodynamic produce to our local community.

Our care for the soil takes a much more long-term view by using minimum tillage techniques to preserve the soil structure. The crops and soil benefit from our holistic way of farming, where we produce what we need from the farm for the farm. We collect and make our own compost, and the manure we use comes from our animals, all of which feeds our soil and our crops. We produce our own biodynamic preparations to promote a vibrant soil life and growth in our crops, all of which then feeds our customers.

From seed to sale, our growers give their full attention so that what arrives fresh from the field is not only sustaining to the body, but essential to the healthy development of human consciousness.


We are very proud of the extra effort taken in caring for the soil and plants, the areas left for promoting insect habitats, and in our selection of the best varieties of vegetables. It does mean more work, we need more local staff, but our product remains in balance with what the land can sustain, this does mean vegetables come and go as the seasons change, and at points in the year, production settles down to only what is good for the land, the growers and the customers.