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Our Story

Biodynamic Farming

Tablehurst Farm uses biodynamic farming practices that benefit the soil, animals, plants, people and promotes biodiversity.


 An aim of the farm is to care for the environment using a wholistic ethos with a spiritual impulse from Anthroposophy. The result is high quality natural food from a whole system of farming.


What is Biodynamic Farming?

All biodynamic farmers and growers practice organic methods of production, and share very similar certification standards. Both also share similar aims and ideals, but biodynamics has metaphysical and spiritual roots that organics does not. 

It is this that makes biodynamics distinctively different in both its approach to agriculture, and its farming practices. 

Biodynamic Preparations

Biodynamic preparations are uniquely fermented natural remedies and play a pivotal role in successful biodynamic farming and growing. There are 9 preparations in total, all with different properties, characteristics, and uses. 

They are used to encourage humus forming processes in the soil; enliven and increase the microbial soil population; vitalise plant growth; and to harmonise life processes with that of its immediate and more distant surroundings. Their effects are primarily subtle and qualitative but profoundly important.

Planting by the moon.png

Planting by the Moon 

The sowing, planting and harvesting schedule for the farm is planned and actioned using the planting moon calendar. If you would like to know more about the process of planting by the moon, use this link to an article from the Kitchen Garden Magazine called 'In Tune with the Moon'


Animal Husbandry

We believe that domesticated animals, are sentient beings, who deserve our respect and the best health and welfare care possible. We achieve this through humane management practices which mirror natural rhythms: constant observation, and careful selection of appropriate breeds, feeds and shelter form the basis of biodynamic husbandry. Organic, homeopathic, herbal extracts, and other natural remedies are used in preference to antibiotics.

Tablehurst_Farm_Cow_Milking_21.01.22__0098 cs.jpg

Animals With Horns

Dehorning cattle is forbidden in biodynamic (Demeter) standards; cows that are born with horns keep their horns and are encouraged to lead a naturally healthy lifestyle. If you are interested in understanding our practices this article on 'Why Cows have Horns' has a comprehensive explanation. 

"We can find Nature outside us only if we have first learned to know her within us. What is akin to her within us must be our guide. This marks out our path of enquiry.''

 Rudolf Steiner 

How to Find Out More

The Biodynamic Association  provide comprehensive guidance about Biodynamic practices both in the garden and in agriculture. A thriving community of biodynamic interest and a place to read about current and historical research alongside connecting with a thriving community of biodynamic growers. Tablehurst farm made biodynamic preparations are also sold on the site for use on your own land.

Emerson College is our neighbour and historically the owner of Tablehurst before it became part of the cooperative that it is now. The college runs a Biodynamic Gardening Course as well as many other interesting courses with an without an anthroposophical impulse. As our neighbours, you can walk to Emerson easily from the farm and enjoy their extensive biodynamic gardens. 

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