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The Garden

From seed to shop, the care we lavish on our produce means that our veggies and fruit arrive fresh from the fields truly nourishing in every way.


We grow over 90 varieties of vegetables and soft fruit which are sold in our farm shop; nothing is fresher than that!


We use minimum tillage techniques that preserve the soil structure and benefit the crops.


We collect and make our own compost, and the manure we use comes from our animals that grow and graze on our pastures.


The biodynamic preparations traditionally produced on the farm promote vibrant soil life and growth.


We take extra effort caring for the soil and plants, the areas left for promoting insect habitats, and choosing the best varieties of vegetables for the land we cultivate. This means we employ more local staff and our produce remains in balance with what the land can sustain. Our vegetables are truly local and seasonal, and production revolves around what is good for our land, our growers and our customers.

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