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Tablehurst Life on the Radio

Tablehurst Farm Life features in Wildhart Radio's weekly radio show. Tune in on Saturday and Monday at 4pm to Wildhart Radio to listen to the show on biodynamic, regenerative and organic farming or catch up on the Wildhart archive.  .

Listen to our explorations around the farm, from the cattle, to the sheep, to the pigs to the garden, to our pie kitchen and the bakery. Discover how the challenges and successes of daily farm life affect local community food production. See how working with the soil helps us connect to the seasons and how our farms can create regenerative spaces for the land and nature.



Tablehurst Farm is on Wildhart Radio

Below are some of the episodes that we have released over the past few months. We invite you to dive in!

Wildhart Radio is a  a grass-roots, non-profit, community radio station that gives a voice and a platform to Forest Row and the surrounding areas. Wildhart Radio showcases local creative talent, celebrates our unique diversity and offers a way to bring us all together. 

This radio station is for the community in all its aspects, and welcomes participation by people from all walks of life.

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