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Why do we need to fundraise?  


As a not-for-profit organisation, every penny of the profit we earn is reinvested back into the farm, fuelling our ability to cultivate high-quality, affordable food for our local community.


Unfortunately, there are times when our resources fall short of the funding we need for vital farm materials and equipment to keep meeting the demands of our customers. This is when we call on you for support in donating towards critical projects. With your help, we can continue producing the food we all know and love.


Old Rustina is retiring! Help us fundraise for a replacement utility vehicle
Old Rustina the quad bikesm_edited.png

Old Rustina the Quad Bike. Photo Credit: Emma Deverell.

Old Rustina is hanging up her tyres after many years of loyal service.  During her time with Tablehurst, she's weathered harsh winters, helped deliver countless baby animals and she's been a farmer's friend through many a dark night.

Utility vehicles like Quad Bikes may be used for fun excursions on foreign sand dunes or rally dirt tracks, but on a farm they're vital pieces of equipment, used daily.  Designed to travel across rough and muddy terrains, they can get into spaces that tractors can't reach, help navigate livestock to new pastures efficiently and, above all, act as emergency response vehicles for life and death situations.

With Rustina rolling off into retirement, we're in need of a new utility vehicle to join our team at Tablehurst to continue providing efficiency and safety to our daily farming operations.  As you can imagine, this will not come cheap – and with a loss of farming subsidies, we're looking to save every pound and penny to raise the £15,000 we need to buy a replacement.

We'd greatly appreciate your support in raising funds.  Any contribution you can make – big or small – will hugely impact our ability to effectively look after our animals and safeguard the wonderful farming team at Tablehurst.

Thank you for your support!

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Thank you for your support!
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