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Tablehurst Lamb Fest 2023

Saturday 8 & 15 April marks the beginning of spring for us at Tablehurst Farm, as the lambs are being born in the fields and we celebrate the sowing of the seeds. Every year we hold our lambing days to invite our community to join us on the farm and bring us out of the winter. This year the new shop manager, David Ebsworth, has initiated a new phase to the Lambing events, but bringing some extra excitement to the farm in the form of a festival style experience with live music, talks, story telling and films alongside the usual offering of great food, crafts and walks. The event will be a feast for the whole family and we look forward to seeing you on the farm.

The event is free, but parking this year will be £5 per car to encourage visitors to walk or cycle to the farm and keep the farm track clear of congestion.

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