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Fermento - Our Onsite Bakery

We have something very special happening here at Tablehurst Community Farm - our very own onsite bakery run by Danielle. Fermento Bakery is an independent initiative working on the farm site creating high quality biodynamic and organic bread. The bread oven is fired up and hand turned each day to create an abundant batch of fresh loaves, buns and rolls which are sold in the Tablehurst farm shop and also its sister farm - the Plawhatch farm shop.

The Heritage loaf is one of the best sellers in the farm shop as it is made from the biodynamic grain produced on the farm, hand threshed and milled before being pummelled into shape by Danielle and his team and baked to perfection.

If you are lucky enough to visit the farm in the morning you will smell the fresh bread being baked and see it being delivered warm into the farm shop.

During the summer, the Fermento bakery move into the seasonal cafe garden to create sourdough pizza bases with rich luxurious toppings from the farm to enjoy in the sunshine after being baked in the outdoor pizza oven.

Tablehurst farm is a good example of how biodynamics can be used to create an wholistic farming system where we can complete the circle from planting seeds to feeding the community at the table. The concept of field to fork is not a new one, but in the modern culture of mass produced food, the return to a deeper connection to our food production and processing can reconnect our minds, hearts and stomaches to a healthier holistic picture. Producing the grain on our farm and processing into bread means no food miles, supporting local business and no plastic. This is the right step into the future of farming and feeding our communities.

Fermento Bakery loaves are available to order for Christmas and available daily from the Tablehurst farm shop. Open Monday to Saturday 9am to 5pm

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